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Canadian Made
Canadian Made
Reusable Face Shield
Easy to Assemble Face Shield
Easy to Assemble

A Second Layer of Safety

The Second Barrier Face Shield acts as a second layer of protection for general use. The face shield provides additional protection when used in conjunction with your typical PPE. Unlike the traditional face shields fabricated with foam, elastic and Velcro, the Second Barrier Face Shield is made using only one material and is reusable with proper sterilization.

This Canadian-made device is easy to assemble, reusable, ships flat and is versatile for use in various occupations with exposure concerns.

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Instantly Reduces Risk Face Shield

Instantly Reduces Risk

The Second Barrier Face Shield is meant to reduce contact with your face from particulate and droplets. It also reduces the possibility of inadvertent face touching.

Second Barrier Face Shield

A Second Barrier

This device acts as a second layer of protection for frontline workers, or anyone working with the public.

Easy to Assemble Face Shield

Easy to Assemble

These devices ship flat and require minimal space to store. They easily assemble in less than a minute and are packaged with protective film in sealed individual bags which include assembly instructions.

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Reusable Product at a Disposable Price

Unit Quantity Price Per Unit (CAD)
25 $18.90/Shield
50 $17.83/Shield
100 to 249 $16.15/Shield
250 to 499 $15.50/Shield
500 to 999 $14.90/Shield
1,000 to 2,499 $14.60/Shield
2,500 to 4,999 $14.35/Shield
5,000 to 9,999 $14.15/Shield
10,000 to 19,999 $13.99/Shield
20,000 Shields $13.92/Shield

*Must order a minimum of 25 units, all orders must be made up of 25 unit increments. Shipping included. All orders shipped via FedEx Canada-wide shipping. Orders shipped immediately upon completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Second Barrier Face Shield

Yes. Our shield has been purposely designed using a Polycarbonate material (commonly used in eye protection) so it can be easily cleaned/disinfected with wipes, even though we expect many users will dispose of them after one use. For that reason we’ve kept the costs comparable to disposable shields.

Many products use these to keep the product at a disposable price point. The Second Barrier Shield was designed to be reusable OR disposable. It is made of one material only.

The Second Barrier Shield was designed to be used as an additional layer of protection over existing PPE and not as primary layer.

The strap has 14 adjustment slots to accommodate small to large heads.

Yes. We can make the Shield whatever length is required in a 24 hour turn around. To custom design the Shield to your specs would require a $150 deposit which would be credited towards your first order.

The product can be easily assembled in less than a minute.

Yes, we accept credit cards.

Need is the mother of all invention. We had our designers tasked with devising a simple design that was made of one material that could be readily sourced. The design initially started with seven materials.

We are currently producing up to 5,000 units a day and have the ability to ramp up to 50,000 units per day.

We currently have stock in boxes of 100 that if ordered before 10 a.m., we will ship the product out the same day via FedEx shipping. Please place your order early, as our product moves quickly. Shipping is included in the price.

Shipping is included. All orders are shipped via FedEx Canada-wide shipping. Orders are shipped immediately upon completion.

Yes, we ship via FedEx. When ordering large volumes we have the ability to bulk package (reducing landfill waste) without the individual instructions and sealed bag. Note: Each shield comes with a protective film to avoid scratching during transit.

The shields are mass produced in order to help as many people as possible and therefore, are not set up to be shipped in low volumes. Because the price includes FedEx shipping, we cannot yet accommodate orders smaller than 25 units.

The Second Barrier Face shield is produced by SLEEK Signs in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. SLEEK Signs has been in business for over 20 years and is a large format digital printing company serving and producing materials for every province and territory in Canada.

We have graphic designers, product designers, shipping staff and a 23,000 square-foot building that lends itself to this kind of manufacturing. We have state of the art Swiss digital cutting machines that are able to produce the shield efficiently and effectively. We retooled our facility to produce and ship this product.